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Friday, March 17, 2006

What a Week

Those three words have been uttered by just about everyone in the world, I think, and are self explanatory. On to knitting...

I finished my shrug. Unfortunately, in the middle of snapping a couple of pics of me wearing it this morning, the batteries died. So, you only have a front view of me wearing it until tomorrow when the batteries are recharged.

I really like it. As you can see, I managed to get long sleeves with the amount of yarn that I had.

Details are:

Pattern: Top Down Raglan Shrug
Note: Pattern also includes directions on making this a short back and longer tapering back shrug.

Designer: Michelle Ciccariello

Yarn: Almost 7 balls of Endless Summer Collection Connemara in Cabernet

Needles: 4.5mm

I also finished up my Jaywalker socks.

Pattern: Jaywalker

Designer: Grumperina

Yarn: Black Paton's Kroy & Scheepjes Invicta coloris #1704

Needles: 2.25mm

I also finished my pair of Tiger socks. Now we all have ourselves a pair. I had to take a pic of this because it's cute. To me anyway.

I'm also working hard on my Over the Knee socks.

I hope to have these done next week.

We took a little road trip into Port Dover last weekend. We had a lot of fun and we found the Len's Mill that is there. I picked up some of this new Marble yarn there.

Yes, it's acrylic. Gasp! Oh, so avert your eyes or something.

I like it. The colours are really lovely and it will look great for the pattern in the next pic.

I also picked up some more sock yarn. Hey, it's a sickness okay.

It's a terrible pic, so it's hard for you to see, but I'm thinking of using one of these two colours for the Pomatomus socks. What do you think?

We also all popped into the Needle Emporium today with me having every intention of buying a Jordana Paige Knitter's Satchel. Guess what? I didn't get one. The bags are nice, but I became fibre shocked. I kept thinking to myself, "gosh, I can buy a lot of yarn that would be the same cost of the bag. Then, because I didn't have a specific list [if you know me, you also know that I can't make up my mind quickly. It took me 6 months to decide on a colour of Country Silk for the Lotus Blossom shawl.] I didn't get any fibre either. All I bought was a Fiber Trends pattern to make these.

Too cute!

This store is beautiful. If you ever get to Ancaster, make sure to drop in and see. I'll be back. With a list fer cryin' out loud. I must also say in writing that my husband was very patient with me during this ordeal. I can't ask for more. He totally understood me.

It was also my baby's third birthday last Tuesday. Sigh. Where does the time go?

I love you, sweets! Happy 3rd. Let's slow this next year down a bit though, okay.


Rhonda said...

Your right Michelle, the hedgehogs are too cute. Check mine out. I have one more done I'll post tomorrow. And of course the Needle Emporium is one of my favorite stores.

Curlie Girl said...

What a post!

Yes, it's been quite a LONG week, and I'm glad to see the end of it. Tomorrow's's hoping the white cold world will become warm and green soon!

Love the shrug, you look do you ever manage to have such great colour in March (I'm doing the gastly ghost white thing right now).

Love, love, love the socks...I may have to break down and try Jayawlkers soon, and the tiger family socks are too cute for words.

And the marble is fantastic. I think it's one of the best acrylic yarns out there, and I wouldn't hesitate to knit with it (and I almost bought some of the same colourway as you The cardi is going to look wonderful!

Happy, happy birthday! That cake is adorable..please tell me you didn't make it too...I may have to bow down to you, Miss Goddess of everything if you did...hehe!

Well, this is the longest comment I've ever made. I'll stop rambling on now...

Helen said...

Nice blog. Your daughter is adorable. Good for you for being home with her.
And yes, you're right. The urge to purchase sock yarn is a sickness. It's become epidemic. At least we've got past the first step. Admitting there is a problem. lol. Keep on knittin' chick!

Lisa said...

Port Dover??? I love that place. I used to live in Brantford, so we would spend weekends there. Love the little shops.

I live on Vancouver Islnd now, so we see lots of water, but I always loved the beach at port dover.

Love the shrug. I have been looking for a pattern to use. Thanks for the link.

Samantha said...

Your daughter is so cute. :) Happy 3rd birthday to her! My daughter's 3rd birthday is just around the corner in August -- time flies, eh?

I looooove the Needle Emporium. Julie is great -- very helpful too -- but she's on holidays this week. She also runs the Guild I attend. :) I love that hedgehog pattern. I'm going to have to get it and make some for Lily and Owen.

Your new blog colours (and background) are really nice. It must be in the air, because I changed my blog colours this week too. :)

Happy knitting!!!

Marlene said...

The shrug looks great.

I love those tiger socks. I'm very tempted to buy some of that Opal tiger too.

Shannon said...

Awww, My tiny baby Just turned three in December. Great time isnt it. Aw, heck, its all great with kids.
Socks, yessssss, I have always admired your socks, now that I know I can do it, I went straight out to Romni on the weekend and bought some Regia Already!!! LOL, I love love love your family socks. I HAVE to make socks for my family how cute is that???

HoJo said...

What a great post. The shrug,hedgehogs the family socks, and the 3yr old are all really cute. I love the cardi that you are planning to make, what pattern is it?

Michelle said...

Hi HoJo,

The pattern for the cardi is called, Marble Cardi and is by S.R. Kertzer.

Dina said...

I love how your OR Tiger socks turned out and to do three pairs? I'd go nuts!