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Saturday, April 29, 2006


I changed my blog header. One of the reasons I started blogging was to learn more about html. I'm still pretty html illiterate, but I have mangaged to learn the basics. The header was the one thing that really intimidated me. Last night, as I was dusting off my favorite pixie [I collect fairies/pixies], I was inspired and decided to take the plunge and go for it. I hope you like it.

In knitting news, my husband's Sigvaldi cardigan is complete.

Pattern: Sigvaldi from the Best of Lopi

Size: 51"

Yarn: Alafoss Lopi

Needles: 4.00mm and 6.00mm

I'll try and have pics of husband wearing it tomorrow. He absolutely loves it. Big sigh of relief. He likes quite a few of the Lopi patterns, so I'm sure I'll be making him a couple more soon.

I'm now left with one project left on the needles...actually I still have to finish the other Sanquhar glove, but we won't go there just yet, hmmmmm. Anyway, I've been so diligent with this Feather and Fan shawl. I've been knitting...and knitting...and I'm still freaking knitting. I've begun to affectionately dub it the Neverending-bleepity-bleep-bleep shawl.

I'm on round 161 of 189. That only leaves me with a mere 28 rounds to complete before I start on the crochet edging...BUT! [yep, always the but] I currently have 1, 232 bleepity-bleep-bleep stitches on the needle. I have to increase a few bleepity-bleep-bleep more times before the bleepity-bleep-bleep end is near. I feel like Rocky when he's getting pummeled in the ring...I need to hear Eye of the Tiger for motivation, but instead listen to I'm Gonna Be [500 miles] by The Proclaimers. I feel cornered. I have to get this done before I start a new project or this will rot in the pits of hell, a.k.a. the deep dark bowels of my closet floor. At the risk of having my circulation cut off by my Tidy-Whities from sitting on my arse for hours and days, I will get this bleepity-bleep-bleep shawl done by Friday...Saturday at the latest...Sunday is also a good possiblity...ahem, next week sometime for sure, I will be the victor! I shall overcome and beat this beastie into submission. I swear it on my bag of Doritos.

That and I want to make some of these...

I've succumbed. No insult to the designer, but these are so ugly they're cute...kinda like me when I wake up in the morning. My daughter, whom is so not a doll kinda kid, has even asked me to make her one. After wiping away the tears of joy, we went and bought the book and I've joined the knitalong for inspiration.

Yeah, I know...finish the bleepity-bleep-bleep shawl first.

Have a great week and

Keep On Knitting...

P.S. Melissa, thank you. I did indeed email One Fine Yarn and have ordered the pattern for only $3.00 shipping.


Donna said...

Your feather and fan is looking gorgeous!
I have the Babes book and some yarn - maybe I should start one soon, too :)

Joan said...

I love the finished sweater. Outstanding. I think of changing my header too but am afraid of messing whole thing up. Any tips? I know enough HTML to be dangerous!

dragon knitter said...

i bought the babes book on clara's recommendation (Knitter's Review), and decided it would be a good one for a lot of the charities i knit for. you're right, they're so ugly, they're cute! now, if i can knit the clothes as opposed to sewing (i can sew, but i'm not a big fan of it, sigh)

Carol said...

The new header looks great. You did a good job. The knitting looks fabulous as well -- especially the cardigan. But I gotta admit that you know more html than I -- I can't even get buttons on my blog!

Rebekah said...

I like the new header very much. And the cardigan is beautiful.

Sharon said...

Love feather and fan but I LOOOOVE Lopi, you are an amazing knitter, so quick with finishing your projects.

Congrats. on taking the plunge with your blog header, it has transformed your blog, was it hard to do?

Samantha said...

I love your new header ... too cute! :) Congrats on finishing the cardigan, it looks wonderful.

Melissa said...

Unlike you, I got way to bored with the Feather and Fan shawl and dumped out many rows early! I think if I had finished the entire thing I'd have ended up in the funny farm. Yours is looks gorgeous!

So glad to hear you got the pattern from One Fine Yarn!!!