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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Knitter Blues

Okay knitter's, I need some direction on what to knit for my next project. I'm in a zone where I'm a little bored. Maybe a funk, maybe not. It could be the feather and fan shawl bothering me because I just can't seem to finish it, though I have made the effort tonight. It could be a little knitting burn out and I don't want to knit anything for a while.

In any case, I've decided to make a deal with myself. Knit one row of my feather and fan shawl per day, then the rest of my knitting time can be devoted to a project of choice. Fair, no? Time will tell.

Edited to add: You can view a pic of these projects in my sidebar under Casting On and In Queue to Cast On.

What Should I Knit Next?
Marble Cardi
Flirty Ruffles Shawl
Culdesac Vest
Diamond Fantasy Shawl
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Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! I'm totally curious to see what the end result of the votes will be - so far the cardi seems to be the winner! It's such a lovely pattern and I'm sure it could bring you back into the knitting spirits in no time!

amy said...

I voted for the vest. It's got interesting cables and there wouldn't be much seaming. I imaging that by the time you finish your daily shawl row, you're going to be not too pumped to work on something else and this is a smallish project.

chamomile said...

Hi there! Love your blog and the new header. I also voted for the vest because you've just finished a shawl, and I think the cables are wonderful!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for providing all those great links over at Knitters Review.

Curlie Girl said...

Hey there sweetie pie...I know how you feel. I can't seem to stay with any project long enough to make any real progress on it either (although you seem to be at that "when will this freaki'shalw ever end...I've been knitting it forever" stage...which means you're close, really close.

But hey, go where your passions lie. Put down the shawl that you don't feel like knitting, and chose something fresh and new, and what floats your boat. I didn't go with whatever project makes you want to pick up those needles and have a fabulous evening clicking away. Kisses!