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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Overheated, Cranky Knitter

only manages to accomplish finishing her Pomatomus socks. This made overheated cranky knitter relieved to be done with knitting through back loops.

Overheated, cranky knitter won't even contemplate putting socks on hot, sweaty, swollen feet for photo shoot.

Overheated, cranky knitter was going to post a progress pic of her Diamond Fantasy Shawl, but the batteries to her camera were also overheated and cranky and they pooped out. This made overheated cranky knitter a little bitter as she proceeded to recognize the futility of calling inanimate objects foul, yet highly imaginitive [and amusing to some] cuss words.

Overheated, cranky knitter wants to thank everyone for their compliments on her Culdesac vest. It does a knitter good and keeps them plugging away in hot, humid, hazy, muggy weather like this.

Overheated, cranky [and foul-mouthed] knitter is now also sweaty. She doesn't like to be sweaty. She will now take this opportunity to lie down in a cool, air conditioned bedroom and try to post more later this week.

Keep On Knitting...but don't sweat on your needles.


Dave said...

Overheat Cranky Knitter makes lovely Potamii :-)

Samantha said...

It has been so heated here that this Knitter has not done any knitting in 2 days. Bad knitter!

Your socks look great!

dragon knitter said...

overheated cranky knitter should join overheated cranky nervous frustrated bride!

the pomotamii did not bother me, because i usually knit in the back loops (i'm a combination knitter, apparently). i only discovered this a few years ago, so it's familiar to me to knit in the front loops. i also only do k2togtbl or k2tog (i hate psso!)

enjoy the air conditioning (i've actually turned mine on, it was 107 today! (my van thermometer, not the local weather guy (they take their temps out at the cool airport, mine are off hte streets!))

Marlene said...

Lucky you, having at least ONE cool room to retreat to. That's one more than I have.

Not too much knitting going on around here either. I've done a wee bit of wool combing but the weather is making me too tired/lazy to take pictures and blog about it. Not much to look at anyway....although it IS lovely, soft, extra long LLAMA.

Curlie Girl said...

Ahhhhh...hope last night's storm cooled things off for you, so you can at least try on those lovely socks, you fabulous knitting diva you!

Wannietta said...

OCK should have a refreshing drinkie. Preferably served to her by someone else.

And trust me - I gotcha beat on ktbl, ptbl, 1x1 twists involving said tbls. But it's worth it ... c'mon ... admit it!!

Kimberly said...

Wishing you comfort and cool breezes. The socks look great!