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Sunday, October 29, 2006

How Do You Drive a Knitter Crazy?

1. Have a small dog that barks incessantly at every movement or sound until you beg your husband to build you a rubber room or you look up the phone number for the nearest asylum.

2. Have a small child that politely requests for either a snack, or beverage, or toy that rolled under the sofa, or paints, or markers, or playdoh and have said child proceed to spill beverage, drop said snack of cheese and crackers onto the floor and continue to have same said toy roll under the sofa, or changes her mind every two minutes every time you sit your arse down to knit.

3. Have a cat that deems the space where you lay your ball of wool when knitting as his...tangle ensues as knitter tries to move said ball of wool out from underneath said cats dead weight body...he's not budging. In my heart of hearts, I know he is toying with me.

4. Have a dear, sweet, adorable husband that requests "5 minutes, tops" of your time to help with a home is done 3 hours later.

5. Have a blog that deems it necessary to tell you that there are errors each and everytime you save as draft or try to publish. It is a lie. They are playing with me. I am checking out Wordpress.

It has just been one of those weeks where you just don't get a minute to yourself and you feel as though you can't catch your breath. I did get in a wee bit of knitting though.

Behold my Crusoe socks.

These should be finished by now...see above explanations.

Something great did happen, though. A couple of posts ago, I thought I'd throw it out there that I was looking for a ball of Trekking #126 and Valerie, bless her heart, had a ball she was willing to do a trade for. Needless to say, I had to cast on and start.

Thanks again, Valerie!

With Socktoberfest drawing to a close, I've begun knitting on my Dragone shawl again.

This shawl needs my total concentration. So it is late night knitting, which unfortunately isn't good because my brain is saying sleep as opposed to knit. It's getting there though. I'm half-way through chart 2 and I'm just about to start the belly and wings of the dragon.

I also really want to finish up knitting my Marble Cardi so I can start on a new project. Curlie Girl, bless her infuriating enabling heart, has started knitting on the Telemark Ski Sweater from Knitpicks...and here are the colours I've chosen...

*Bayberry - CC1_______*Black - MC__________*Drift - CC2

I really want to knit a Dale of Norway sweater, but have been putting it off because I can't make up my mind as to which one I want to knit. So, this is a nice alternative. It'll also give me some steeking experience.


Yes, that was me making that sound and not the cat

I've never steeked before...and who knows, after this I never may again.

Edited to add: I'm also considering making a little video demonstrating the twisted german cast on and putting it on You Tube. Do you like that idea? Any interest? Let me know.

Keep On Knitting...


Marlene said...

Doing the steeking is easier than the *thinking about steeking* part.

Beautiful sweater. I'd knit it too if I wasn't already backlogged with so many projects. Well, that and the fact that I know I would never wear a pullover that is double thick. Not that I don't get's just that I'm too cold, too hot, too cold, too hot, too cold.......well, you get the idea!

Wannietta said...

I love the Trekking colourway! The shawl is showing great progress. nice tail hee hee

Shannon said...

Make the video, I'm so addicted to you tube and knitting content is a big bonus. As for the description of your house in the begining, I'm starting to wonder if you have been peeking in my windows. small dog, naughty cat, needy child(ren), well meaning husband... hmmmph. At least you have some FABULOUS looking knitting content to show! (glad you posted, I was about to send the hounds out looking for you) :)

dragon knitter said...

i love that colorway in trekking. it looks like brachs candy (who can remember what it was called?). t he shawl is looking magnificent (i would do it in blue, though, i love blue dragons). and you need to lock yourself in the bathroom, if you really want peace, lol. the pullover sounds cool.

and i'd be upset if you didn't do the german twisted cast on!

Valerie said...

I'm so glad you love that Trekking, it went into a good home! I cant believe you've knitted so much of it already! I cant wait to see the pair!

kate said...

i found your blog searching for others who are knitting the Heere Be Dragone shawl (i'm currently working on it for the Lacevember knit-a-long) your's is looking great--lovely color choice. and don't be too scared of steeking. it's crazy-empowering to do it!

Christy J said...

My daughter, now 26, teases me about having been a bad mom because at 3 she learned to say, "Can I have a cookie ... when you finish your row?" She also shook her finger at a visitor who checked my knitting basket and scolded, "You never, never touch Mommy's knitting!" She was a lovely child.
Now I need to find that colorway of Trekking for myself. Love it. And can hardly wait to see the rest of the dragon emerging!

Lissa said...

I, too, am moving to WordPress, but I am having conversion issues since Blogger is playing with the format so much - importing is going nowhere for me and so I'm in limbo at the moment. If you figure it out, please let me know!

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Curlie Girl said...

I know how you feel about it being one of those weeks! Hang in you want to knit a couple rows on my "Things Will Get Better" shawl? It does look like you managed to sneak in a far bit of lovely knitting though.

And gorgeous colour choices for will be so much fun to watch both our sweaters taking shape!

Happy, contented, and peaceful knitting girlfriend!

Samantha said...

Your dragon shawl is beautiful and your socks are awesome. I have never done steeking, but I hear that once you have done it, you get hooked. Good luck! :)

The ways to drive a knitter crazy apply at my house too.

Kimberly said...

Your Crusoe socks look great. One of these days I'll get around to knitting them!

Now that I've finished one sock, I'm feeling like I could knit socks all the time.

Anonymous said...

I love that Trekking colorway!