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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

All About Socks: A Review

Well, at least I had a review about socks.

I was writing and writing.

I had pages of socky goodness.

It would have bored you to tears.

Besides, you know me and socks. I love it all. Sure, some yarn tickles your fancy more than others...but, it's all good, right? I mean, how can you go wrong when the final product is a warm pair of socks?

I love all the colours; the jacquards, the stripes, the solids, the handpainted [okay, maybe not the handpainted so much]. I still love it all! I love the wool blends, the cotton blends, the silk blends and now bamboo blends.

What do you mean, "you're getting bored?" I'm not done yet. It'll get better. Trust me.

Anyway, then there are the patterns. Patterns for toe up, cuff down, or sideways. Patterns for cabled, lacy or plain. In book form, leaflet or free on the web. I love it all!

That wasn't a tear you were wiping away, was it? I'm continuing with this post, waterworks or not.

Oh, and the needles. You can knit socks any way you choose. Using DPN's, one circular or two in aluminum, bamboo, take your pick. I love it all!

Stop that! You're taking away the socky love!

Where was I? Oh yes...

Don't forget the portability of the sock project. Gotta love it! Oh, and all those cute little bags to carry your sock project in.

Then there is the best part about socks. When the knitting is done and you slip them on your cold feet in the middle of winter. Or, when you finish a pair for someone you love and see their smile as they slip them on and feel how wonderful they feel. Everything is good.

Oh for heaven's sake the post is over and you can stop your sobbing now!

Good grief.

Yeah, you guessed it, I only finished one pair of socks so far for Socktoberfest.

Pattern: Basic 72 st stockinette sock with picot edge and band heel.

Yarn: Trekking XXL # 78; Shades of Purple

Needles: 2.25mm [magic loop method]

That's all the knitting I've done since I last posted. Sad, huh? Gotta admit though that the socks are pretty damn cute.

Anyway, I felt the need to post and knew it would be bor...

Hey, stop that! Don't you dare hit that 'publish post' button. I'm not done, yet! Hey! What do you mean, I've babbled on long enou...

Keeeeeep Onnnnnnn Kniiiiiittinnnnnng!!!

P.S. I snuck back on. Click this and match them up. Hail Socks!


Melanie said...

I love that sock yarn. Absolutely stunning! :-)

Joan said...

I love the purple Trekking and your socks. I don't have that color but will have to get some of that!

dragon knitter said...

i didn't think it was boring. it was actually quite funny, lol. and i lvoed the picture at the end

Hawkesley said...

Your post wasn't boring at all. I LOVE socks too! Loved seeing all your photos, especially your sock yarn stash! Makes my stash photo look really small :-)

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

there is absolutely nothing wrong with socks, or "sock posts" for that matter. in fact... that's what my last post was all about too. keep up the sock posting. i'm a fan.

dragon knitter said...

whew. i think blogger finally fixed it's problems. good to see the socky post again

Teresa C said...

I love sock knitting. I love everything about it. I understand this post. Every word.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I really like that heel technique.
I just did my first short row heel..and can't figure out what to do now...erm..I didnt use a pattern...
Maybe I will take it out and do this.
Your sock is very pretty...and I didnt cry even a little. Socks are a joyous thing.