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Friday, October 06, 2006

Socktoberfest Questionairre

* When did you start making socks? Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? or in a class?

I taught myself about 5 years ago.

* What was your first pair? How have they "held up" over time?

My first pair were a pair of ankle socks, seen here...

I used Paton's Kroy in the Candy Kisses colourway. They've held up pretty well. I usually only wear them as bedsocks though.

* What would you have done differently?

I would have casted on much looser or used a different cast on, altogether. Right now, I use the twisted german cast on exclusively for socks. Love it.

* What yarns have you particularly enjoyed?

I love Trekking XXL! Anyone got a ball of colour #126 they want to sell me? I was a little slow in getting that one and I'm obsessed about it now.

* Do you like to crochet your socks? or knit them on DPNs, 2 circulars, or using the Magic Loop method?

I use and love the magic loop. I used to knit my socks on dpn's and have no problems using dpn's. I switched to using the magic loop because when my daughter was born I was freaked everytime she toddled toward me while I was knitting with dpn's. No looking back now!

* Which kind of heel do you prefer? (flap? or short-row?)

I prefer a flap.

* How many pairs have you made?

When I finish the ones on my needles, I'll have 29 finished pairs of socks. You'd think that I'd have knit more considering my stash looks like this...

Good grief!

Keep On Knitting...


Joan said...

Now that's a whole lot of sock yarn stash!! I'm impressed.

Kristi said...

I thought the same thing when I counted up the pairs of socks I have knit. What, 11 pairs? What's all that yarn doing here?!?!??

Thanks for sharing your sockstory!

valerie said...

I have some trekking xxl 126. Maybe we could do a trade off? Maybe you'd have something I'd like!

Michelle said...

Valerie, you have Trekking #126!!!! Be still my beating sock yarn stash. Send me your email addy and we'll talk.

Shannon said...

WOW, love that sock yarn stash!! I'm never one to argue with a stash girl, good on ya.

dragon knitter said...

should have known you'd turn this into flash your stash night, lol.

i don't have near that much in sock yarn (just everything else!)

Curlie Girl said...

I know you and your obsession with!

I love, love, love, the dragon looks incredible (and so does the feather and fan girl).