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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Knitter's Vacation

A whole lot of nothing going on.

The dragon shawl kinda did me in. I figure I need a knitter's vacation from starting another large project.

Yepper, except...

I did start knitting the Fibre Fish mittens. I'm using Fortissima Colori [looks a lot like Trekking 100, eh?] in colorway #2419;Kolibri.

The pattern is well written and I didn't come across any problems, except for...

all the ends I need to weave in! Ends coming out of my ears and out of the bodacious arse of the fish.

I'll deal with them later.

The one thing I have been in the mood for is spinning, especially after seeing Marlene's boon of colourful silk hankies when she attended Fibrefest International. So, I pulled out the wee little 50 grams of Fleece Artist Silk Wool Sliver I had and began to spin.

Okay, so it isn't 100% silk and it isn't silk hankies, which I've really been having a hankering to spin, but 35% silk is better than nothing. It still has sheen and boy is it soft! I spun it as fine as I dared and have just started plying it.
Let's just hope it's still pretty when I'm done.

Edited to add because I'm a forgetful dolt: Thank you all for such wonderful comments on my dragone shawl!

Keep On Knitting...


Kathy said...

That shawl is stunning, you can hardly be blamed for needing a break.

The spinning is terrific too, I love the colours, since I have such a hard time holding onto silk hankies I make do with silk blends too. I wish I could get my hands smooth enough to handle silk.

Are you enjoying book five of the Gabaldon series? I started it a long time ago and am having a hard time getting into it, I flew through the first three books, but got bored somewhere in four. I would love to read the next book too but can't see it happening anytime soon.


Wannietta said...

The mittens are totally cool - worth having a few(hundred) ends to sew in!

I love your yarn too. I'm going to go to the Ontario Handspinning Seminar in Barrie - it's too convenient not to go - and try out some wheels. Maybe I'll find my next true love!

Shannon said...

There you are, I was starting to wonder about you. I LOVE those mittens and have coveted the pattern for sometime. yours look very very lovely. cant wait to see the silk once plied!

Marlene said...

The shape my hands are in right now there is no way I can go near those silk hankies.

I'm spinning up the alpaca batts and, to tell the truth, they are not as nice as I expected. Some dolt decided to put silk noil in with alpaca. They were selling the batts with silk noil at a higher price (I thought they were ugly). I thought the ones I had were noil free (they said they were and charged me the lower price) but the noil was hidden on the underside. Grrrr.

Marlene said...

Oh. Oops. Speaking of being forgetful --- I love your mittens! The fun shape, the colours, everythng.

I've been on a bit of a knitting vacation myself. Not on purpose, just going on a bit of a weaving side trip.

LaurieM said...

Great job with the fishy! I love the yarn you've chosen, it looks just great.

Thanks for the nice review on my pattern too. :-) I'm glad it worked for you.

Larjmarj said...

Those mittens are crazy cool!

gail said...

Outstanding mittens!! What fun to wear! Thanks for sharing the source of the dragon shawl. I think it would be a great gift for my daughter, or for myself for that matter! Have you worn the shawl?? did you get great comments??

DaniLane said...

those are some awesome mittens!
i love the colors!