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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh Good Grief

We had a storm today.

A thunder and lightning storm.

I did NOT have my computer on, before, during or about an hour after the storm.

The storm fried my computer, anyhow.

So far, it looks as though it's only my power supply. Problem is that my computer wouldn't reboot in normal mode after new power supply was installed. It will power up in safe mode though and I was assured that my hard drive was still there and not dust.

So, I'm currently using my trusty, rusty Compaq that is running Win98 and has the same kind of memory as me. NONE!

Hopefully, I'll have my other computer back tomorrow night. In the meantime, I'm trying to remember passwords to login to Bloglines and other "must haunt, or die" sites.

Marlene, I'll try an email you soon!


Wannietta said...

Well, we got about a dozen drops of rain and not the storm that we were supposed to get - and we sorely needed the rain. I guess we're going to have to water the grass if we want to save it.

Good luck!

dragon knitter said...

my daughter did SOMETHING to my puter, and it won't open internet explorer, or nortons. sigh. i had to take it in, they couldn't do a quick fix on it. she's paying for it, fer sure!

Shannon said...

crumby about the puter. Hope you get it back soon. I keep meaning to create a list of my username/passwords that DOESNT reside on the puter for just such an occasion but I never do... maybe I should !!!

Lisa said...

Oh man, sorry to hear about your that. Good luck!