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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Know the Heat Has...

fried the most important bits of my brain matter when I post twice in one day.

You also know that the heat has depleted any common sense when I ask this question.

Does anyone out there own a Majacraft Suzie Pro, or Little Gem? I'd like to know your thoughts on the wheel. Love it, hate it?

It's damn cute.

That's all I'm saying.

Many thanks.

Now, where did I put that ice pack?


dragon knitter said...

go talk to deb over at she has a little gem.

shannon said...

Uh oh. I smell second wheel syndrome... I have to admit the majacraft appeals to me as well.

Michelle said...

Thanks Minnie, I'll do that.

Shannon, it's more like second wheel obsession. LOL

Marlene said...

I have a Little Gem II, Michelle, and I love it. If you email me I'll answer any specific questions you might have. I had it drop shipped from New Zealand for less than it would cost to buy it locally and it only took a couple of weeks (if that).