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Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm Trying to Get Organized...

It isn't easy putting your computer back together again. It's so overwhelming. There was some good news. My old hard drive is still installed and I have access to my data [it just wouldn't boot with my system for some reason] which means I have all my patterns...which also means I did another back-up to ensure that all is saved and tucked neatly away. I didn't have internet connection when I got my computer back either because, wonder of wonders, the storm blew my ethernet card and hub, too. I am still having some struggles with certain programs. They load properly, but when I go to use them, I get an error. I'll deal with that later.

So, now I'm in the process of catching up on emails, [begging your pardon Marlene!! I'll get back to you soon. Thank you for the info. Now I want both!] and blog reading.

Now, blog reading is fun. It's fun to see what other knitter's are making and seeing new yarns, etc...but it can be dangerous, too. See, I have fallen victim to the lemming effect. After reading the Yarn Harlot's post yesterday and nodding my agreement and swearing I wasn't going to click any links and well, you see where this is going, right?

I clicked links.

Now, I also read Moth Heaven but I hadn't hit her blog yet...and well, I did and then I hit on over to Lacefreak and saw all the pretty beads and then I clicked on over to Pink Lemon Twist and see more beads and well, I started digging through stash looking for laceweight and beads like a starving monkey on a banana diet. I had to have it.

So, I joined.

Forget the yarn I spun to make the Estonian Sheep puppet from last summers Spin Off...

My Handspun

Close Up of Dark Mahogany

Forget the Giotto socks that I'm so in love with...

I just tossed it all aside to join Mystery Stole 3, which closes its doors at midnight tonight. So, if you want to join, do it now!

*Sigh* Isn't being a knitter the best.

Keep On Knitting...


Marlene said...

Once again, great minds think alike. ;-) I joined last night. I'm struggling though. I'm using my handspun for the MS3 but it's a wee bit on the thick side --- not for the stole itself, that much looks beautiful, but for the beads. I can get the hook through no problem, and once the bead is on it fits fine too, but getting the hook through the bead with a double strand of the laceweight is a trying experience. I've broken a strand twice --- and had to start over both times.

dragon knitter said...

i got sucked in as well. i have to locate appropriate circs, the yarn,and decide if i need beads ornot. like ihave time, lol

Shannon said...

Oh your spinning looks so GREAT!!! Our wheels should meet someday soon and we can discuss the world of bags and yarn

Samantha said...

Welcome back to the internet! I'm glad your computer is up and running and your patterns are not lost! :)

The reason I do not have my own credit card is because I could fall victim to the lemming effect ever so easily and well I'm sure it would be hard on our finances. LOL

Great knits! :)