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Monday, July 30, 2007

Today's Confession: "Confidence is all well and good. Just remember that one needs to gain it beforehand, or else your outright cockiness can lead to an undesired reverse effect."

So I got it in my head that since I'm doing quite well with my spinning, I can start planning a semi-large project of spinning wool to make my husband a vest. I've graduated myself from experimenting and well, more experimenting, to learning the technical basics of spinning.

In other words, I still suck, but at least I know why.

To make a long, ugly story short, I plunged ahead with some fibre I had on hand. I knew I wanted a chunky weight yarn. I also knew that I wanted to make this a three-ply. So, I winged it and I did pretty good.

Here is where my cockiness begins.

I was aiming for a 17st and 24 row gauge with my newly spun yarn. I managed 15 sts and 22 rows.

Not bad, say I. I examined the yarn I made. I wanted it lighter...fluffier.

I'll just spin woolen when I get my batt, I thought.

Oh yeah, there are times when I'm so cocky I can hear God slap his forehead and shake his head in shame.

So, I get my batt. I look at it. I realize I'm not going to be able to spin this like I spin my worsted spun yarn. Yep, I realize that I'm going to have to learn a longdraw. Okie dokie. I've watched videos. How hard can it be? Besides, this is perfect because I want a lighter, fluffier yarn, right? *Insert cocky dance, here*

I abandoned the lace weight superwash merino in a pretty dark turquoise I was spinning...

My Giotto socks were once again forsaken.

The Estonian hand puppet?

Neglected like a piece of old toast.

All of it relegated to the rear of the 'work in progress' line...all in the name of spinning a woolen yarn using a longdraw.

For one solid week I spun. I practiced. I sobbed. I threw fibre [it doesn't go far, but it still felt good].

For one solid week, this is what I have to show for my efforts.

This, an aching back and the confidence of a frisky ram in a herd full of camels.

It doesn't look too shabby in the photo. I must have been making some improvements. Unfortunately, it took a week to not even fill up a bobbin using a method that is supposed to make jolly good speed of your fibre.

Ah well, at least there is one thing I am sure of.

I'm ready for clue 5 of the mystery stole.

Have a good one and Keep On Knitting...


dragon knitter said...

:P i don't wanna see that! i'm still only on chart B!

looks really good, though!

i had a question for ya. do you remember the video you did of the german cast on? (i think it was the german cast on, lol. i know it was a variation on the long-tail). i'm on a hunt to post any good knitting videos for L&V's daily chum blog (did you know i work for miss v, lol?) i couldn't remember when you did it, and i wanted to post the link to the post itself, rather than scrounge through youtube (blech)

Michelle said...

Why am I not surprised you're only on Chart B, Minnie! You're busier than any woman I know, I'm surprised you even got that far. LOL

The link to the video of the twisted german cast on is in my sidebar. Help yourself.

Guernseygal said...

Oh! Pretty! ( the stole that is) Just finished chart E on mine about to plunge into F this morning after breakfast :-)

Shannon said...

I hear the spinning frustration. I'm spinning with a specific project in mind and its SLOWWWWW going. I'm not even posting pics 'cause they all look the same LOL. All your WIPS look great though. I LURRVE your sheep puppet progress. I just got that as a back issue and considered making one for me... not not the kids... me ROFLMAO!!!

amylin said...

You have a great blog and what a wonderful stole you're knitting. You write so good I can almost picture you spin in frustration. Good luck on your project.

Samantha said...

Good for you! I wouldn't even have put forth that much effort. I would have bought the yarn. LOL All your knits are looking lovely. :)

Marlene said...

I'm killing time by reading a new novel and working on another project while waiting for the next clue.

You'll find it easier to spin the yarn in a way that you enjoy and then find/design the vest to fit the resulting yarn. Heh. Carol Wulster's "Sweater Wizard" is great for designing, or redesigning, a project no matter what the gauge.

Carrie said...

I think the yellow yarn your spun looks amazing! You're really good. And your stole is coming along beautifully! I haven't been able to start mine, but I'm saving all the files!

marti said...

I am glad to know that I am not the only one that gets sidetracked! your ms3 looks lovely.

Michelle said...

Shannon: I hear you about making the puppet for yourself. [g] This one is definitely for my daughter, though...the lamb chop puppet is mine! LOL

amylin: Thank you so much! It's nice to hear that I'm able to convey in words what I'm feeling.

Samantha: If I were starting my ninth month of pregnancy, I would have, too. LOL

Marlene: Oh, I know...but, I've never been smart enough to do things in a way that would make it easier on myself.

Carrie: Thank you! I'm getting there. [g]

Marti: I'm in good company. [g]