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Monday, October 01, 2007

A Little Snip, Sneeze and Cough

Yep, good fortune is on my side. I'm now sick with a cold. My post may not be too coherent as I'm in an "over-the-counter drug induced stupor." I've been popping, snorting and swigging to help me over the worst of it.

Sorry for leaving you in the lurch about what was my kitchen ceiling. My brother-in-law/professional contractor did us a huge favour [and I mean huge] by fixing our rear roof. All he asked for in return was a place to crash since he was in town working for a few days.

Being as busy as I was working at home, everything is a blur. I do remember one thing though. Nobody checked the weather report.

It was hot and humid and the thought never crossed our minds that there would be a torrential downpour...until my brother-in-law called and said it would be a wise thing to get my husband's arse on the roof with a tarp, pronto.

With the wind blowing and the rain pounding down, my husband did the best he could.

All night it rained the next rained the next night...and once again, the morning after that.

Honestly, I felt like Noah, minus the animals...and the ark. All I had was anything that would hold water. My bucket, my dog's toy box, even so far as the little piddly milk container.


Over all, I'm very happy that there is minimal damage to the ceiling and what damage there is, easily repaired.

Since I finished my two jobs, I've been picking up the knitting again. Here is the progress so far on my Kauni Cardigan.

I had sewn the steeks about two weeks ago. I think. I can't bloody well remember.

I do remember that I was very anxious about cutting the neckline steeks because, well, it just didn't look like it would be a neckline.

I was wrong. It is a neckline. I'm pleased.

I picked up 3 of every 4 for the sleeve. For the large size, the directions say 124 stitches, but it works sooooo much better if you pick up 126. Yes, that's a little bit of sarcasm...and the *over-the-counter meds* talking.

I can't tell you how many times I've ripped back this sleeve. Many times because I seem to have forgotten how to count to two. Hopefully I can get this sleeve done by the end of the week...barring further disasters.

Crap. Now I'm out of Kleenex.

Have a good one and keep on knitting...


Shannon said...

Wow, the cardi is looking pretty awesome. Sorry about the roof :(

Carrie said...

Oooo, sorry you're feeling so sick. Your Kauni Cardigan is beautiful, though. It's so vibrant! This is a beautiful item. The only thing that keeps me from starting is the steeks. Not ready for that.

Feel better, Noah.

marti said...

I hope that you are feeling better soon, and that everything has been bailed out properly. I love your cardigan, I am starting the autumn leaves version and can't wait to see how that knits up.

Deb said...

Sweater looks great.How many sts.did you cast on for the