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Friday, November 23, 2007

It's There Somewhere...

My knitting mojo, that is.

Its kinda like I forgot how to knit, if that is possible.

I pick it up, make a boo-boo.

I fix it, make another boo-boo.

I want my mojo back, Knitting Gods and Goddessess! So, fork it over. [me shaking fist at the ceiling]

After I calm down after the huge crack of thunder that sounded right after my embarrassing fist-shaking, [I guess I pissed them off] I decide to put my tail between my legs and spin instead.

I chose my newly acquired hand-dyed Targhee top bought from Susan's SpinningBunny.

I figure that not even I can go wrong with a fibre dyed in colours called, Chocolate Covered Cherries.

I just had at it. I split, sat and spun!

Wonderfully bouncey and soft stuff, this Targhee.

Then I far, so good. The spinning Gods and Goddessess must have taken pity on me.

Voila, it's done.

104g / 3.65oz - 217 yards / 198 metres - 11wpi.

Can we say, "sproingy?" This is bouncy stuff. I love it!

Now, if it will just bounce onto my needles, it will make both me and my dog happy.

Me, to help with my knitting dog because it's going to be a new sweater for her.

Now I'm off to light a candle and pray at my shrine to try and appease the knitting Gods and Goddesses.

Wish me luck.

P.S. To the individual that went surfing for "weather report michelle naked." Sorry all you got was sheep when you landed here. [snort]


Dreams of Yarn said...

LOVE the chocolate covered cherries, really, really looks great!! Fear not the Mojo will return, perhaps you just needed to get the spinning out of your system first... the fates has a plan after all!!!

Wannietta said...

Your spinning mojo is sure making up for the lack of knitting mojo!! It's really beautiful Michelle!!

Dandy said...

your spinning is beautiful... and your making a dog sweater with it??