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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Woe Here

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

I'm going to try a write this post in approximately fifteen minutes while I have my second cup of coffee (can't blog after only drinking one) and the house is still silent...except for the dog eating and the cat playing with the kibble he knocks onto the kitchen floor.

My husband has had his first round of chemo and is as well as one would expect one would do on chemo. We had a little excitement this past Saturday when he spiked a fever and had to take him to hospital for blood tests and the sort. Of course, by the time we got to the hospital, his temperature was back to a normal 37/98.6. As they prepared to take his tests and because I'm a woman on the edge most days, I took pictures.

He looks impressed in that hot, smoldering, I need to lay down and vomit, sort of way, doesn't he?

How is our daughter taking the fact that her daddy is sick and needs to be taken to hospital every other day on a good week?

All in stride, baby. She's a little trooper and has already sucked our future retirement plans dry made us proud by announcing she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Now, I want to back track a little bit. See the pic of my husband? See what he's got in his lap? It's a cute little Emergency Knitting bag I received in the mail last Friday from Illiane's Corner.

Now, if you could please cue the Twilight Zone theme music in your head, while I explain.

I didn't order it. At least I don't think I card statement hasn't come yet. But, I can be pretty certain I didn't. I think.

In any case, my husband didn't buy it for me...and after interogating questioning some of my closer friends, found they didn't love me enough to buy it for me, which has left me completely stumped. There wasn't a little note included letting me know who purchased this adorable, yet totally appropriate bag for me. So, to whomever it was out there that did this for me, THANK YOU! It totally made my day, even though I thought I had lost my mind and I love it. May karma rain a million dollars on your sweet, thoughtful head!

Knitting hasn't been more stop and go in my life. I did join Summer of Socks 2008, hoping for the excuse to start a new project to get the motivation going again. Here is the sock I chose to knit and began on Saturday, when SOS08 officially started.

Pattern: Butterflies n Bees from Six Sox Knitalong.

Designer: Janine Le Cras

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Louet Gems Fingering in Gypsy Rose

Needles: 2.25mm circ

Now I really must go. No offense, but I've started my third cup of coffee and I really must GO!

Knit On!


Jan said...

Knitting? I got an email from a stranger the other day. She said she thought I was supposed to be writing a knitting blog...

I'm hope you read my blog post about squeezing my bum cheeks, otherwise when I tell you I am squeezing my bum cheeks for your husband, people will wonder!

I am, for all of you!


Dreams of Yarn said...

What an awesome and thoughtful gift, whomever sent it. So glad to hear things are at least holding steady for now. Keep knitting girl, and keep staying strong. I loved the photos on your flickr, the socks look great.

GREAT big squooshy virtual hugs to you.

Janine said...

What a wonderful present! I hope all goes well with the chemo. Enjoy the pattern - if you get stuck you know where I am :-)

Aim said...

Wow, you are sure some lucky to get that bag--what a nice surprise from somebody!
Hope your DH finishes up his chemo forever real soon and you can be past this phase. Keep on knitting (and drinking coffee!)