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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cause I'm Goofy...

I wanted to know if I spin a somewhat consistent yarn. (snort) Sometimes, I'm easily amused.

So, I thought if I took some of this Louet Northern Lights Roving I had, weighed it and divided it into three (I'm aiming for a three-ply fingering weight) equal (or as equal as I could get it) portions, I should, when it came time for plying , use all of what I spun, or close enough if my spinning was consistent enough. I think I had 64 or 65 grams total.

So, I started spinning and weighing. Notice I'm weighing on the bobbin now.

Bobbin #1 = 4.15oz

Bobbin #2 = 4.15oz

Bobbin #3 = 4.15oz

Looks pretty evenly weighed, eh?

So, I start plying...and plying...and well, plying some more. I was having an issue with my Aberdeen (Majacraft Suzie Pro) at this time (needed a new crank that I was waiting on from New Zealand) so my spinning was a wee bit dodgy. Okay, it was a lot dodgy. Nevertheless, I was hopeful that my theory was going to succeed...not perfectly, mind, but close enough to make me happy.

What did I get?

Bloody hell, if I didn't run out of one bobbin, entirely. If I had several more yards on it, I would have been happier.

In any case, I was appeased by the final product. I was aiming for a light fingering weight and I achieved that, at least.

It looks pretty good, if not consistent to the .005g and you know what?

I don't care anymore if it was or not. It was a lot of effort to find out if I was going to come close to using all my singles, only to find that it was the same if I hadn't gone through the effort. So, my lesson to myself is: Don't be anal, it'll bite you in the arse. Ahem...or something like that.

Fibre: Northern Lights Top by Louet

Colour: Toffee

Yarn Weight: 3-Ply light fingering

Yardage: 306 yards/279 metres

Skein Weight: 58g/2.045oz

For those curious about the state of my husband, he is doing well and had his second round of chemo last week. We had a meeting with the doctors Wednesday about the stem cell harvest and procedure of his final chemo treatment. Very intimidating and a long process. It will all start July 30th and will finish the first week of September, so I'll more than likely be AWOL during that time. So, whenever you pick up your needles, spin, or buy some sock yarn, throw up a good word or two for my husband, please and thanks.

Knit On...


beentsy said...

Beautiful yarn! I can never get it to come out evenly when plying either. Not even with two ply, nevermind three ply! ;)

Glad hubby is doing well. You guys take care and I'll knit some good vibes out to you.

dragon knitter said...

that is why 1) i like navajo plying. i can get a 3-ply, and not have to mess aorund, and 2) i prefer 2-ply, as i can ply from a center pull ball and use up all my fiber. i'm goofy like that, lol.

glad to hear things aregoing well with hubbie. will keep the needles crossed for him

Dreams of Yarn said...

Wowsa, the yarn looks great. I still havent got the hang of navajo plying so I'm afraid I ply this way as well, and always end up with a mismatch of some sort in terms of yardage.

Sending big squooshy yarn hugs and really positive thoughts your way.

Did you ever find out where the mystery knitting kit came from?

Samantha said...

The yarn looks fantastic! Well done! :)

I will continue to keep you and your husband in my thoughts.