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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why Is It?

When I want to knit some gifts (not Christmas gifts, per se, but more like thank you gifts for a select few that were very helpful during this past year) my arse gets all tied in a knot and I want to spin, or be influenced by other knitters and their sock yarn?

Yes, that last part was directed at you and your Noro sock yarn, Glenna.

The following ordeal I'm having is the reason why I decided on having that poll in my sidebar on your Holiday knitting habits.

See, my dilemma is this. I'm frustrated with what I'm knitting now. I know if I decide to rip it out, I won't have time to knit something else...yet, I also know that this current project sucks. So, when I get frustrated, I want to toss it all out my window...violently, or shove it way back into the dark recesses of my closet, or if I'm really feeling ornery, flush it down the pooper.


Icewine Mittens.

Then there is the matter of the Butterfly mittens I'm knitting. While I am satisfied with the pattern, I'm not satisfied with the it has me thinking that maybe I should rip back and use a sore thumb, instead...and while I'm at it, add 4 more stitches...and well, I could go on and on, but as much as I would love it (as I'm sure some of you also would) The Holidays aren't going to magically say, "We have to wait for Michelle to finish her knitting before we can arrive!"

Instead of stressing (because frankly, I've done enough of that to last ten lifetimes) I'm changing my criteria.

There is the Morning Surf Scarf that I almost have done.

and I found some projects on this Blowsey Ruffles Scarf. Projects to keep my interest and where I don't have to worry about size, gauge, etc...and if I get them done, fantastic, but I'm not going to do all this fretting anymore. I'm going to be happy with my knitting.

Even if it kills me.

Knit On...


Anne's Blogs said...

Why are you so frustrated with the Ice Wine mittens? I've just started them (I've never done 2-stranded before) I would love to be fore-warned. Also, the pattern seems to call for carrying the contrasting yarn over 5 stitches. Isn't that a big no-no? What should I do?
Thanks for any help/warning you can give.

HaveFaith said...

I actually like what you have done with your ice wine mittens. I think you should just give them a day to rest and pick them up again tomorrow. Also, if you are knitting for a dear friend or family member, then I know that they would be glad to get a wrapped "picture" of what you are knitting them. Then you can do it up quickly after the holidays. A beautiful gift is worth waiting for. I'm doing an illusion scarf for my son and being a Dr. Who fan, it just can't be too long. So if I don't get it long enough before we exchange gifts, he will get it with the needles still in it with a promise for a January finish.

Janine said...

Oh my! I'm so glad you like my pattern :-)

Dreams of Yarn said...

I think they are all looking pretty darn good girl. The mittens are FABULOUS. And the scarf is looking good. That one is on my mile long to do list!!!

Marlene said...

I only knit a Christmas gift if the project happens to be exactly what I want to knit anyway. There are a number of things I feel committed to doing. Knitting gifts is not one of them.

Kathleen said...

I try to keep the gifts simple. That way everyone can get a handmade gift. This year I made 18, I have 4 more to go One of which is an afghan. I am determined to finish on time. Oh and I also have 3 gifts made as just in case gifts and a prop sock on the needles in case some one walks into the room. Just relax, you will finish.