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Monday, December 01, 2008


Drive by posting here so I can once again hang my head in shame.

I was totally wrong about the Icewine Mittens. I frogged back to the cuff and reknit on 3.25mm needles. Now they are perfect.

Or at least this one is.

Instead of casting on to make a pair of Icewine mittens, I decided to frog back the Butterfly mitten I'm also working on. After a little work on the chart, I just need to finish the thumb and I'm very happy to say that it's much improved.

In between all of that I finished up some spinning.

What a way to procrastinate on the Holiday knitting, huh?

I only spun the one braid. This is a 3-ply light fingering weight and approximately 450 yards or 400 metres. I'm thinking socks?

Speaking of socks. Oh how I miss knitting socks...I can hear my sock stash weeping as I type. Soon my little lovelies. Soon. Mittens must be knit first, but rest assured that I save the best for last.

Ahem, anyway...

I don't know about you, but I'm always browsing online for something that will challenge me with my knitting.

This is what has me in its grip at the moment.

The Needle Arts Book Shop has this book with several pictures to entice. I am resisting for the moment, but I sure would love to try this technique, even though I know it would probably be the death of me.

On to the little poll in my sidebar. Of the piddly twelve of you that voted (go vote), two knitters start their Holiday knitting in June! Wow. I feel like a real slacker. I'm not surprised at all with the Bah, Humbugs! I kinda feel like that now and I'm knitting some gifts...not Holiday gifts, remember, just thank you gifts that happen to land on one of the biggest Holidays of the year.

See, I'm just manic.

Knit On...


Marlene said...

That book and the technique look amazing! Tell you what, you go first and test the waters and then tell me if I should join you. K? Come on. Be a sport.

dragon knitter said...

i didn't post on your poll because i read you in bloglines. however i did vote today, and yeah, i'm a bah humbug this year. NO KNITTED GIFTS!

Kim/Curlie Girl said...

I did vote, and I'm on the bah humbug know me, totally selfish knitter. Good for you to frog back those mittens...the icewine one is gorgeous, as always, and lovely spinning...I'll have to try it sometime..hehe..

Hope you and family are doing well...I'm off to Las vegas to run a marathon (think of me this Sunday morning running through the desert) to you when I get back!

Gloria Patre said...

I have been up to my eyeballs busy for about a month now and finally made it back to your blog. I am so overcome by the intricate beauty and perfection of your socks and mittens I have decided the only honest reaction to completely abandon further attempts to make any myself!! LOL!! (Just kidding!) I bow to your knitting prowess, though! Absolutely spectacular!! How does one go about getting adopted into your family (and get onto the knitted gift list???) I humbly apologise for missing out on your poll. I pretty much Bah Humbugged this year except for one hat.