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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm All About the Baaaaaa

After we had our roof re-shingled and I cleaned the house from top to bottom because it was such a filthy, dusty, disorganized mess, I had to take a break.

I've recovered, thank you and during this time, I found out about a FibreFest at Silmiral Farms that was taking place nearby in Grimsby, ON. What a better family day than to spend it on a farm watching sheep being sheared, listening to the Alpaca make their weird noises and ohhing and ahhing over the baby kids, lambs and chicks, whilst watching spinners do their magic plucking Angora rabbits and spinning straight off the bunny.

Here's a little video I took of the shearing of one sheep and some pics I took of the other animals. After that, I kinda forgot about the camera while I was around the spinners and fibre. That's me!

I hope you enjoy it anyway!

We missed you, G! Hope to see you soon!

Sheep Shearing


Donna said...

Rats...wish I had known, I'm not too far from Grimsby. Maybe I can make it next year. Any links to look at? Thanks.

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

Wow! How nice to have a yarn/fiber day out! I miss my sheep - we sold the last of them 5 years ago! 3 years later I took up spinning - d'oh! typical of my timing! sigh!