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Monday, June 15, 2009

Say What???

Gotta say, I had a good laugh, but when a burger franchise gets into marketing body spray with a hint of meat (that fricking kills me), it just about makes me want to go off of burgers (or just meat for that matter) for life.

Fire Meets Desire


punkin said...

Wha??! gag.

dragon knitter said...

this is wrong on so many levels.

Kim/Curlie Girl said...

Huh? I'm a vegetarian, so that perfume would be the equivalent of repellent...isn't this world amazing sometimes?

Christine said...

Sadly, I think my husband would be waay into that. Thank goodness I am vegetarian.

Henya said...

I am torn between two sentiments:
1 - is this what you do in the present economy, when you can not afford meat?
2 - spraying a peanut butter sandwich and saying - but it is meat, just smell it.