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Monday, July 27, 2009

Coraline Jones!

My daughter fell absolutely, head over heels in love with the movie Coraline when she saw it for the first time last week. After her first viewing, she asked if she could have a Coraline doll. I asked if she would like me to try and make one. She thought that would be great.

I was dreading it.

I abhor sewing.

So, I did what I had to do to make my daughter happy and spent three whole days devoted to making this for her, along with sewing up some outfits.

The pattern? Well, it's a Knitted Babe! Cool, huh? I improvised the raincoat and I even surprised myself at how well it turned out.

I'm so glad it's done. Now I can get back to what I'm really good at. Knitting and spinning!

Knit On!


It's Jan! said...

that is mega-cool! Sure makes me wish you were my mommy! I hate to tell you, but knitting and spinning is not the only skills to boast about...I think you're a fun dollmaker too!

Samantha said...

That is really cool!! Well done! :)

beentsy said...

Oh! The cuteness factor is so high! What a nice mom. ;)

Marlene said...

Great job!

Alison said...

Very cute! Love to make some of these, thanks for the ideas.