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Sunday, July 05, 2009


I'm raring to go for my July club shipment.

Once again;

Pattern: Fraggle Squiggle Socks - May 2009 kit for the Rockin' Sock Club

Designer: JC Briar

Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight in Pepe La Plume

Needles: 2.50mm

A big thank you for the compliments left in my previous post to; Beentsy, Dragon Knitter, Northmoon, Samantha, Amy and to all those that were thinking them. ;P

It was a crazy week last week with working at home and having the child on her summer break...which means, what little time I have for me, I use it to knit! Call it preserving my sanity. [wink]

Knit on!


beentsy said...

I read that a lot of people didn't think that the yarn & pattern didn't work together in this shipment. Obviously they were wrong though, 'cause those are beautiful!

Samantha said...

I agree, those are beautiful! :) They look comfy too.

Wannietta said...

You did an awesome job - they look great!!!

Kim said...

Once again, a mighty dandy pair of socks!

Henya said...

They are very, very pretty. They tryly rock!

Randi said...

These are just gorgeous! My striping turned out a little wonky in the medium size. What size did you make? It's probably just my knitting though. I find it fascinating to see how the same yarn and same pattern looks so different done by different knitters! I still love mine. Not done with the second sock yet. Got distracted with other projects...

Michelle said...

Thanks everyone!

Once again, I'm not receiving your emails to be able to respond. It's driving me craaaaazy! In any case, I hope you all see my reply here.

beentsy: Thanks so much! I've been bound and determined to knit each kit as it comes and have been either very, very lucky [as a whole horse up me bum] or just a brilliant knitter with the outcome of each. I vouch for the former. ;)

Samantha: Thank you and they are!

Wannietta: Thank you!

Kim: Thank you my dear.

Henya: Thank you! It's good to know they live up to the name. :)

Randi: Thank you! I also made the size medium, but I used 2.50mm needles. Maybe that made the difference? In any case, I've seen others with pooling and flashing and I rather like them very much!

Knit On!

Sourire11 said...

Those turned out great!!!