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Saturday, November 25, 2006

What I've Been Up To...

A photo essay.

Finished the body of my Telemark Ski Sweater.

Shopped for Fibre

From Left to right:

1/2 lb. Northern Lights 100% wool top in Cotton Candy
1 lb. Corriedale top
100g handdyed Fleece Artist merino sliver
50g Cosmicpluto handdyed merino roving

Should keep me busy for a while.

Last but not least

Staining My New Freaking Wheel!

A.K.A. CaislĂ­n Raghnailt Quigley [Quig's for short]

I'm using Minwax Polyshades in Bombay Mahogany.

An enormous thank you to all the girls at Lettuce Knit. They are amazing. All of them helpful, friendly and extremely tolerant to this nut that called everyday requesting what colour fibre they had and to "add it to my spinning wheel order" over the phone because I couldn't make it into the shop. I look forward to actually making it in very soon...especially if I make a mess of my spinning attempts. [wink]

Now to catch up on some blog reading.

Keep on knitting...


Kimberly said...

Pretty stain on the wheel! Bet you can't wait to get started using it. If only I had room for a wheel and fiber...

You're approaching the finish line on Telemark and it looks great!

Carrie K said...

Nice photo essay! Telemark is looking good and you got a wheel! Quig looks good in that color.

Shannon said...

That is exactly the color stain I would pick, given of course that I had a wheel to stain. Tee hee. LOOKS AWESOME. And the Telemark sweater? wow, No way I could be that paitent, I cant cant seem to get the hang of charts for color work. But your sweater is gorgeous.

Curlie Girl said... are SO beating me on knitting Telemark...but I'm thinking that your gorgeous wheel will slow down Telemark progress a wee bit...hehe! Enjoy girl!